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A2603 136 Variety 1952 d Van Riebeeck, JOINED PAPER variety, not listed in UHB, very rare, UM

A2336 138b Variety 1952 2d Van Riebeeck, Line through Sails, UM

A2337 142 Variety 1952 2d SADIPU ovpt, Screen Flaw on right pair, UM

A2338 144/5 Arrows 1953 Stamp Centenary set, includes Broken Knee variety on 4d, UM

A2339 145a Variety 1953 4d Stamp Centenary, Broken Knee variety, UM

A2207 162 Cylinder 1954 2s6d Nyala in cylinder 66 23, ex "A" pane, block of 4, UM

A2212 164 Variety 1954 10s Sable Antelope, broken "d" in "Posgeld," UHB V7, UM

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