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A597 19   1903/5 20c grey-green & carmine, wmk "Crown CA," mint SOLD
A598 24d   1905/6 5c grey-green & green, chalky paper, mint SOLD
A599 25   1905/6 10c dull purple on red, VFM SOLD
A1595 33 British Currency 1907/13 2d pale grey-green & carmine-red, VFM SOLD
A600 35a British Currency 1907/13 4d orange-red, very fine mint SOLD
A603 66/74 British Currency 1935/7 KGV defins set, very fine mint SOLD
A604 75a British Currency 1936/7 EDVIII 1d, wide spaced ovpt, UM SOLD
A605 77/93 British Currency 1949 KGVI defins set, very fine mint 40
A606 94/100 British Currency 1951 KGVI defins set, very fine mint 16
A607 120a Spanish Currency 1907/12 1p on 10d slate-purple & carmine, mint SOLD
A608 122 Spanish Currency 1907/12 6p on 5s bright carmine, mint 22
A609 149/52 Spanish Currency 1935 Silver Jubilee set, 1d mint, others UM 9
A611 165/71 Spanish Currency 1937/52 KGVI defins set, fine mint 22
A612 169 Spanish Currency 1937/52 40c on 4d grey-green, mint 15
A614 182/6 Spanish Currency 1951/2 KGVI defins set, new colours, very fine mint SOLD
A615 201 French Currency 1924/32 6f on 5s Seahorse, marginal UM 35
A616 202/11 French Currency 1925/34 KGV defins set, "Block Cypher" wmk, 1f.50c VFM, others UM 30
A618 216/26 French Currency 1935/7 KGV defins set, most values UM 15
A619 231 Tangier 1927 d green, wmk "Block Cypher," UM 5
A620 235/7 Tangier 1934/5 KGV Photogravure defins set, mint 6
A621 238/40 Tangier 1935 Silver Jubilee set, VFM 12
A623 245/7 Tangier 1937 KGVI defins set, fine mint 12
A624 251/2 Tangier 1944 KGVI pale colours set, very fine mint 13
A626 261/75 Tangier 1949 KGVI defins set, very fine mint 50

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