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A2600 - Cape Revenue 1911 5 green & green, PENALTY overprint in red, rare UM SOLD
A2624 - Cape Revenue 1911 10 purple, PENALTY overprint in red, slight gum toning on one corner perf, otherwise VFM 300
A2548 T1 Natal Telegraph 1881 1d,
red-brown, VFM
A2549 T2 Natal Telegraph 1881 3d
rose-carmine, VFM
A2550 T3 Natal Telegraph 1881 6d brown-olive, VFM 15
A2601 - Natal Revenue 1910 2s6d, wmk sideways, "Transvaal Coal Trust" October 1913 cancel, Barefoot 122, superb 25
A1712 48 O.F.S. 1883-4 d chestnut, block of 4, UM 25
A1713 77 O.F.S. 1896 d on 3d, shifted overprint shifted without horizontal bar, UM 10
A1369 108 O.F.S. 1900 6d on 6d carmine, level stops, VFM 30
A1596 111 O.F.S. 1900 5s on 5s green, level stops, VFM 18
A2551 113c O.F.S. 1900 1d on 1d purple, no stop after "V" and "1" for "I" in gutter pair, VFM 15
A1597 113k O.F.S. 1900 1d on 1d purple, wide space between 'V' and 'R' in pair, variety UM 50
A2552 113k O.F.S. 1900 1d on 1d purple, wide space between 'V' and 'R' in pair, VFM 35
A1370 138 O.F.S. 1902 1s on 5s green, UM 10
A2562 187 Transvaal Revenue 1885-93 5 deep green, imperforate reprint, scarce, UM, tiny stain, clear of stamp 45
A2559 - Transvaal Revenue PASS 1901 1s on 1d red & green, no stop after PASS, Barefoot 1a, used 8
A2560 - Transvaal Revenue PASS 1901 2s on 2s6d purple & green, no stop after PASS, Barefoot 2a, used 8

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