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 South Africa Pre-Union
Z571 Pre-Union CAPE 1905 uprated d stationery postcard to Germany, posted 31.12.05, arrived 21.1.06 20
Z648 Pre-Union NATAL 1895 uprated d stationery postcard, printed on reverse for "Durban & Coast Society of Agriculture & Industry" 12
Z572 Pre-Union NATAL 1901 uprated d stationery envelope to a Trappists Mission in Ixopo, Monastry cachet, PMB & Ixopo marks on reverse 30
Z649 Pre-Union NATAL 1906 postcard with P.O.A. 19 cancel, ascribed to Muller's Pass in 1906 SOLD
Z650 Pre-Union TRANSVAAL 1898 "E.A. Rogaly" advert cover, features a gas stove 15
Z585 Pre-Union TRANSVAAL 1901 censored cover to Germany with "O.H.M.S. Opened under Martial Law." pink censor tape, oval censor cachet 15
Z586 Pre-Union TRANSVAAL 1904 handmade postcard to England, "Langlaate" c.d.s., beautiful ink illustration of butterfly on reverse 180
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 South Africa Union
Z651 Union 1913 KGV 1d used on cover, appears to be posted in LEYTONSTONE, England! Early use, despite probably incorrectly and not taxed. A wonderful curio 60
Z418 Union 1915 reg'd cover to France, franked 3d & 6d King's Heads, redirected twice, 'Returned L.O. / Cape Town' pmk on reverse 40
Z652 Union 1917 "Sissons' Front Door Varnish" postcard, Edenburg arrival mark, very fine 50
Z564 Union 1918 1d coil used on cover to London 15
Z653 Union 1918 2d on censored cover to Norway, arrival marks on reverse 15
Z588 Union 1920 1d on taxed and multiple redirected cover to USA, official re-seal label at top 45
Z476 Union 1921 reg'd stationery cover to Germany, franked d & 4d pair King's Heads, reg'd Jo'burg SOLD
Z654 Union 1922 1d stationery Letter Card, uprated 2d to Holland 30
Z655 Union 1922 1d stationery env, uprated further d & 1d to Holland SOLD
Z656 Union 1925 flight cover to England, "S.A. AIR MAIL" 3.3.25 postmark, struck in black before it distorted 25
Z657 Union FDC - d, 1d & 4d 'London printing' singles on reg'd cover, 1 JAN 26 Cape Town pmk. 75
Z477 Union 1927 reg'd cover to Cape, "S.A.R. Johannesburg" reg'n cachet and postmarks 25
Z478 Union Airmail: 1927 reg'd cover franked with 4d airmail & 3d black & red, SG.45, scarce pair on cover 75
Z658 Union 1928 Durban Philatelic Exhibition stampless cover with p. due applied, red exhibition postmarks SOLD
Z659 Union 1928 Durban Philatelic Exhibition stampless cover with p. dues applied, red exhibition postmarks SOLD
Z589 Union 1932 4d triangle English & Afrikaans on airmail cover to Cornwall, 27.1.32 Jo'burg pmks 15
Z590 Union 1935 d Silver Jubilee on advisory postcard from "The American Swiss Watch Co. Ltd" to S.W.A. 10
Z508 Union 1936 1d pair with "Flag on Chimney" variety, SG.57c, used on First Day Cover 25
Z566 Union 1936 Empire Exhibition cover with label tied by special slogan cancel, dated 31.12.36 SOLD
Z591 Union 1937 Betty Kirby-Green & Arthur Clouston Cape Town to London record flight cover, return leg, 100 flown 125
    Scan of reverse  
Z551 Union 1938 6d die I pair used on airmailed cover, 8.1.38 "Potchestroom" pmk. 15
Z531 Union 1938 (21st December) both Voortrekker sets (one on reverse) on KLM "New Year's Flight" cover 25
Z552 Union 1939 Huguenot Landing set on first day cover, clear "Kimberley" postmark 20
Z592 Union 1943 "The Students' Christian Association of S.A." wrapper, sent to U.S.A. at d rate SOLD
Z568 Union 1944 wrongly addressed cover with three different Jo'burg c.d.s. postmarks 10
Z593 Union 1947 Princess Elizabeth 21st Birthday reg'd special cover, first one of these I have seen! 15
Z594 Union 1948 "Cape Times Daily" wrapper, sent to Cape Town, redirected to U.S.A. 15
Z595 Union 1948 d economy reprint used on cover, sent at unsealed rate, scarce use 25
Z596 Union 1949 d, 1d & 1d booklet panes used on three reg'd covers to U.S.A., Easter label on reverse of each 75
Z554 Union 1950 Settlers pair with "Streamer on Mast" variety used on cover 15
Z555 Union 1951 cover franked with various d & 1d pairs, philatelic but fun! 15
Z597 Union 1948 d economy reprint pair used on cover with 6d Official pair 25
Z578 Union 1951 Easter "Help Cripples" Afrikaans label tied to postcard 10
Z570 Union 1952 Tercentenary Stamp Exhibition bilingual labels pair on cover SOLD
Z556 Union 1953 additional definitives on First Day Cover, scarce 10
Z579 Union 1954 Easter "Help Cripples" Afrikaans label tied to cover 15
Z580 Union 1955 Easter "Help Cripples" Afrikaans label tied to cover 15
Z479 Union 1955 reg'd cover with "Delwersoord" cachet & postmark, unusual cover reg'd & meter mail cover 10
Z581 Union 1956 Easter "Help Cripples" English label tied to cover 15
Z583 Union 1958 Easter "Help Cripples" English label tied to meter mail cover 15
Z600 Union 1960 "Cape Town" postmark on GB Air Letter, posted on Braemar Castle ship 10
Z509 Union 1961 Easter "Help Cripples" charity labels, both languages tied to colourful franking cover 25
Z584 Union 1961 Easter "Help Cripples" English label tied to commercial cover 15
Z534 Union 1961 Decimal definitives set across four illustrated first day covers 25
Z373 Union POSTAGE DUE - unpaid cover from Mahad, India, taxed 5d, collected by 1d & 2d pair SG D18&23, tied by Cape Town pmks. 25
Z62 Union POSTAGE DUE - unpaid cover, pmkd 'Engcobo,' taxed 3d, collected by 3d due, SG.D37, tied by oval E. London pmk. 50
Z559 Union POSTAGE DUE - unpaid cover, "Alice" pmk, taxed 4d, collected by 2x 2d due, SG.D40, tied by oval E. London pmk. 10
Z560 Union TAXED COVER - unpaid, posted & taxed on the FIRST DAY OF DECIMAL CURRENCY and scarce thus, clear "Penge 14.2.61" pmk. 45
Z446 Union OFFICIAL - cover franked with O13 & O14 pairs, reg'd & postmarked "Houses of Parliament" 45
Z480 Union OFFICIAL - cover franked with 1d SG.O22 pair, "Murraysburg" c.d.s. pmk 30
Z535 Union OFFICIAL - 1950 National Philatelic Exhibition cover franked with various officials 10
Z540 Union OFFICIAL 1954 1s blackish brown centre (SG.O47a) used on official airmail cover to USA, genuine use & scarce thus 200
Z573 WWII 1941 6d Large War block of 4 on reg'd cover, 3.9.41 first day postmark 18
Z483 WWII 1942 1d Large War on censored cover to Ireland with additional Irish "Released by Censor" biligual cachet SOLD
Z484 WWII 1942 "City of Durban" env. with d & 1d Large Wars with "DC" perfins. S.A. perfins are scarce on cover SOLD
Z425 WWII 1943 underpaid cover to USA, taxed 4c on arrival 10
Z487 WWII 1944 Amazing FOUR TIMES used envelope with South African Milling Co. re-use label (used twice) covering 2d bantam on top of a meter impression 30
Z576 Union 1923 cover to Germany with scarce "Cape Town F.S. (Foreign Section)" postmark, Putzel 459 50
Z440 Union 1935 "House of Assembly" bilingual cachet on cover with "Houses of Parliament" mark alongside 15
Z536 Union 1935 "Imperial Press Conference" with registration cachet and "Houses of Parliament" arrival mark on reverse 25
Z537 Union 1935 "Radio Exhibition" special postmark 20
Z561 Union 1947 Royal Tour set on advertising cover, special pmks with Maltese Cross, used on Pilot Train 10
Z444 Union 1940 "Robben Island" postmark on reg'd cover, nice, clear strikes 20
Z512 Union 1946 "BERLIN" temporary (skeleton) postmark, scarce 25
Z513 Union 1946 "ENGCOBO" temporary (skeleton) postmark, scarce 25
Z514 Union 1948 "CLARKEBURY" temporary (skeleton) postmark, scarce 25
Z510 RSA 1962 Easter "Help Cripples" charity labels in a bilingual pair, tied to cover with Union stamps franking 25
Z577 RSA 1967 Easter "Help Cripples" charity labels in a bilingual pair, tied to reg'd cover 20
Z562 RSA 1976 Bowls First Day Cover signed by the Tournament participants, very unusual 30
Z69 RSA 1984 reg'd & Express airmail cover with 'Newton Park' Postage Paid printed label, very unusual. 10
Z563 RSA 1987 Unpaid cover "franked" with Christmas label, taxed and explanation label attached 15
Z490 RSA 1993 Phone Card illustrated cover, unusual! 25

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