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Price £
Z544 B.S.A.C. 1893 1½d Stationery postcard to England, uprated to 2d, "827" Salisbury numeral postmark SOLD
Z545 B.S.A.C. 1893 1d Stationery postcard, H&G.1, unused 10
Z546 B.S.A.C. 1893 1½d Stationery postcard, H&G.6, unused 12
Z547 B.S.A.C. 1903 ½d Stationery postcard, H&G.13, unused 10
Z521 B.S.A.C. 1917 1d Postal Stationery envelope to England, Bulawayo postmark 30
Z501 Northern Rhodesia KGV 2d stationery envelope with "SPECIMEN" ovpt, H&G 1a, clean & fine 45
Z1 Northern Rhodesia 1946 1½d Victory P13½ on commercial cover to South Africa, clear ‘Lusaka’ 11.9.47 pmk, minor faults but scarce. 50
Z523 Southern Rhodesia 1934 uprated stationery postcard, airmailed by first 3d airmail for 'cards to England, message reads "Amazing to think youll read this next week!" SOLD
Z433 Southern Rhodesia 1935 "Imperial Press Conference" pmk on clean cover SOLD
Z385 Southern Rhodesia 1937 Coronation set on FDC. 15
Z386 Southern Rhodesia 1939 airmailed cover to England, multiple franking of 1932 2d Falls, unusual. 12
Z524 Southern Rhodesia 1941 "On Active Service" re-used cover with "We Realise in Rhodesia" & "National War Fund" patriotic labels tied to Post Office Savings Bank re-use label. Fantastic cover! 200
Z503 Southern Rhodesia 1950 Diamond Jubilee, beautiful illustrated FDC 12
Z525 Southern Rhodesia 1950 KGVI 1d stationery envelope, uprated by 2x Diamond Jubilee commemoratives 40
Z387 Southern Rhodesia 1953 2/6 Coronation on FDC. 10
Z548 Southern Rhodesia 1953 2/6 Coronation registered First Day Cover SOLD
Z3 Southern Rhodesia 1955 10/- Lottery Ticket, part ‘Rhodesia State Lottery’ c.d.s. struck in red, some folds which barely detract, scarce & unusual. 25
Z434 Nyasaland 1938 1d KGVI on South African postcard to SA, "MZIMBA" pmk, unusual 25
Z505 Nyasaland 1949 1d Royal Silver Wedding commercially used on cover, torn flap but complete 10
Z549 U.D.I. 1965 Churchill Commemoration First Day Cover 25
Z377 U.D.I. 1970 cover to UK, taxed 3s6d (12x2d, 3x6d dues on reverse), 'Invalid' cachet and label applied. 25
Z380 U.D.I. 1970 cover to Guernsey, taxed 1s10d, collected by various dues. 30
Z381 U.D.I. 1970 cover to Jersey, taxed 1s10d, collected by various dues with explanation label. 30
Z389 U.D.I. 2nd March 1970 'Republic' political cover. SOLD
Z324 U.D.I. 14th May 1971 'Petrol Rationing Ends' political cover 10
Z392 U.D.I. 30th May 1974 'Golden Jubilee of Parliament' political cover 10
Z395 U.D.I. 25th August 1975 'Victoria Falls Bridge, Constitutional Conference' scarce political cover SOLD
Z393 U.D.I. 11th November 1975 '10th Anniversary of Independence' political cover 10
Z394 U.D.I. 28th October 1976 'Geneva Conference' political cover SOLD
Z330 U.D.I. 3rd March 1978 Constitutional Agreement political cover SOLD
Z326 U.D.I. 1973 Rhodesia Airways first flight cover 8

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