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 Cape of Good Hope
Z571 Cape 1905 uprated d stationery postcard to Germany, posted 31.12.05, arrived 21.1.06 20
Z648 Natal 1895 uprated d stationery postcard, printed on reverse for "Durban & Coast Society of Agriculture & Industry" 12
Z572 Natal 1901 uprated d stationery envelope to a Trappists Mission in Ixopo, Monastry cachet, PMB & Ixopo marks on reverse 30
 Orange Free State / Orange River Colony
Z697 O.F.S. 1898 1d+1d stationery send & reply postcard with unused return section still attached 18
Z698 O.R.C. 1901 d on d + d on d stationery send & reply postcard, unused return section still attached, uprated d with Field Post Office postmarks 30
Z699 O.R.C. 1903 2d rate cover to Germany, JAGERSFONTEIN postmarks 10
Z700 O.R.C. 1904 uprated 1d postal stationery env. to USA (2d rate), BLOEMFONTEIN postmarks 25
Z701 O.R.C. 1907 d postal stationery postcard, clear SYDENHAM postmark, office only open 4 years 75
Z702 O.R.C. 1909 postcard, clear KINGS HILL postmark, office open 7 years 45
Z703 O.R.C. circa 1910 "Zieher" postcard, unused & fine 15
Z650 Pre-Union TRANSVAAL 1898 "E.A. Rogaly" advert cover, features a gas stove 15
Z585 Pre-Union TRANSVAAL 1901 censored cover to Germany with "O.H.M.S. Opened under Martial Law." pink censor tape, oval censor cachet 15
Z586 Pre-Union TRANSVAAL 1904 handmade postcard to England, "Langlaate" c.d.s., beautiful ink illustration of butterfly on reverse 180
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